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A person I will never forget

“Pocha” (her real name was unknown) was the sweet seller of the school and the one who cared us at midday. I first met her when I 6 years old and she terrify me. Once I didn’t want to eat more food because I wasn’t feeling well and “Pocha” forced me to eat it, of course I ended up vomiting all the food.

Physically “Pocha” was an old woman that was in her late sixties. She was quite chubby and was medium height. She had an oval face and straight white hair. Her eyes were like a storm, black, sad eyes. She had a crooked nose and had fair complexion. She was always wearing her scruffy uniform, do you imagine a little kid seeing a person like that? Of course he would think she was a witch!

 “Pocha” had an irritating personality. She was always screaming at us because we didn’t decide on what candy to take. Sometimes she tended to be very mean and aggressive. She was always saying words we didn’t understand. I think that I don’t have any good memory of her.

 In conclusion I never liked “Pocha”. Since the day I met her I knew I would have troubles with her due to her personality. “Pocha” one day simply disappeard of the school and never came back. Maybye she was a witch. We would never know.