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List of state verbs

Here is a list of state verbs, find the difference between them:

a) I think: stative verb, it indicates my opinion. I´m thinking: dynamic verb, it indicates an action.

b) It tastes: stative verb, it refers to food. I´m tasting: dynamic; action, it means that I´m tasting the food to see if it is good.

c)I see: stative verb; it means I understand. I´m seeing: dynamic verb; it indicates that I´m seeing a movie right now, for example.

d) She looked tired: stative verb; that is the way she looked. I´m looking at some pictures: dynamic verb; it indicates an action.

e)It smells: stative verb; things smell good or bad. I´m smelling: dynamic verb; a person is smelling something.

f) The t-shirt feels: stative verb; it indicates the way clothes feel on your body. I´m feeling: dynamic verb to describe my feelings.

g) I´m selfish: stative verb that describes my personality. I´m being selfish: dynamic verb to show a temporary situation.

h) He has a car: stative verb to indicate possession. She is having lunch: dynamic verb that indicates that a person is eating right now.

Boy Slideshare

This is a SlideShare which includes activites of the book that we are reading in class.

This time we had to do only slides 4 and 5.


Why did Roald and his friends hate Mrs. Pratchett?

They hated her because she was ugly, disgusting and mean. She never smiled or she never said hello when the children entered to buy something. They thought it was the most repugnant thing when she put her hand inside the candy´s jar.

Writing Task

She is a skinny old hag with a moustache above her upper lips. She is an old filthywoman. She is disgusting because her hands are covered in dirt and grime. They are black!!

Oral presentations

We´ve been working and preparing oral presentations. We have been talking about how to prepare an effective oral presentation in class. Now it was our turn to give our classmates a mark. This are five tips that, for me, are useful when we have to prepare an oral presentation.

1. Prepare the structure of the talk carefully and logically.

2. Tell the audience what you are going to talk about (present the topic).

3. Speak clearly. Don’t shout or whisper.

4. Enjoy yourself!

5. Look at the audience as you speak.

Vocabulary activity – Wordle

Laura gave us a task that was to choose at least 15 words out from this list and make clear examples in which the meaning was clear for us.

  1. Generous: A person that shares with the others.
  2. Plump: A person that is fat and short. – I love plump babies!- – I prefer the thin ones…-
  3. Untrustworthy: A person that you can’t trust on. -Yesterday Pedro told me a lie-  – He has always been untrustworhty-
  4. Self-centered: A person that only about him.  -Gonzalo is always thinking on himself- – He is so self-centered!-
  5. Grumpy: A person that is always in a bad mood.  -Tomas is a very good person- – Besides that he tends to be grumpy-
  6. Smart: A very intelligent person. -It’s a very smart course, nevertheless they are very lazy- – They never work…-
  7. Filthy: Very dirty.  -The kids nowadays are very thilthy-  -Yes, my kids always leave the dirty clothes on the floor-
  8. Easy-going: Living without undue worry or calm. -Paula isn’t very easy-going- – Of course! She does not get well with nobody.-
  9. Slender: To be thin or slight. -Camila is extremely slender-  -That’s right she is so thin!-
  10. Lazy: A person that does little. -John is smart, but lazy-  -Yes! He never does the homework-
  11. Selfish: A person that does not share. -You are very selfish-  -Me? No way! I always share with everybody-
  12. Shy: A person that does not socialize. -I hate beign shy…-  -You aren’t shy! You have a lot of friends…-
  13. Nasty: smell, odour: unpleasant. -Cleaning the bathroom is a nasty job-  -Yes, but somebody has to do it-
  14. Petite: woman, girl: short and slim. -I hate being petite! I want to be tallish-  – I hate being tallish! I want to be petite hahaha-
  15. Tallish:  Having greater than ordinary height: a tall woman.