List of state verbs

Here is a list of state verbs, find the difference between them:

a) I think: stative verb, it indicates my opinion. I´m thinking: dynamic verb, it indicates an action.

b) It tastes: stative verb, it refers to food. I´m tasting: dynamic; action, it means that I´m tasting the food to see if it is good.

c)I see: stative verb; it means I understand. I´m seeing: dynamic verb; it indicates that I´m seeing a movie right now, for example.

d) She looked tired: stative verb; that is the way she looked. I´m looking at some pictures: dynamic verb; it indicates an action.

e)It smells: stative verb; things smell good or bad. I´m smelling: dynamic verb; a person is smelling something.

f) The t-shirt feels: stative verb; it indicates the way clothes feel on your body. I´m feeling: dynamic verb to describe my feelings.

g) I´m selfish: stative verb that describes my personality. I´m being selfish: dynamic verb to show a temporary situation.

h) He has a car: stative verb to indicate possession. She is having lunch: dynamic verb that indicates that a person is eating right now.

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