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Paraphrasing Exercises

Our language teacher, Laura, asked us to do the following exercises.

1. When Leyla left, I started washing the dishes. (until)

I waited until Leila has left and then I started washing the dishes.

2. Carlos is very intelligent. He is also succesful. (both)

Carlos is both intelligent and succesful.

3. Emre is very experienced despite being young. (although)

Emre is very experienced although he is very young.

4. Besidesnbeing lazy, she is also very talkative. (addition)

She is lazy and in addition to this, she is very talkative.

5. The match was cancelled due to the bad weather. ( because)

The match was cancelled because of the bad weather.

6. Aylin had already left the library when I got there. (by)

Aylin had already left the library by the time I got there.

7. I enjoyed the book even though it was too long. (despite)

I enjoyed the book despite of the fact that it was too long.

8. Alex de Souza is interested in computer games. Roberto Carlos enjoys dancing. (whereas)

Alex de Souza is interested in computer games whereas Roberto Carlos enjoys dancing.

9. Ferrari cars aren’t cheap but people buy them. (though)

Even although Ferrari cars aren´t cheap, people buy them.

10. We mustn’t speak loudly. We may disturb the students. (so as to)

We mustn’t speak loudly so as to disturb the students.

Friendship – Listening comprehension

Wrapping up the topic of Friendship, we will watch a segment of the movie Narnia. This bit of the movie shows us how to people from different worlds get to know each other and start building a friendship.

The segment you will have to pay attention to is as from minute 11:48. You will have to listen to and read the dialogue that appears on pages 17 to 23 between Lucy and Mr. Tumnus.

There are differences between what it is said and what it was written on the book; spot the differences and in your blog write what you hear.

The Chronicles of Narnia


Book: it says that the faun was busy picking up parcels that first he didn´t gave attention to Lucy.

Movie: They got scared and sreamed when they saw each other.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: But you are – forgive me – you are in fact what they call a human?

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: What about you? You must be some kind of wolf!

Book: Lucy: Of course I´m human.

Movie: Lucy: I´m a girl.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: To be sure to be sure, how stupid of me! But, I´ve never seen a Son of Adam or a Daughter of Eve before. I´m delighted, delighted.

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: You may say that you´re a daughter of eve?

Book: Mr. Tumnus: My name is Mr. Tumnus.

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: May I introduce myself. My name is Tumnus.

Book: Lucy: I am very pleased to meet you, mr. Tumnus. My name is Lucy.

Movie: Lucy: Pleased to meet yo, Mr. tumnus, I´m Miss Pevensie.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: Daughter of Eve from the far land of Spare OOm where eternal summer reigns around the bright city if War Drobe, how would it be if you came and had tea with me?

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: Well then, Lucy Pevensie, from the shining city of Wardrobe, how would it be if you come to have tea with me.

Book: Lucy: Thak you very much, Mr. Tumnus. But I ought to be getting back.

Movie: Lucy: Oh thank you very much, but I must come back.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: It´s only just around the corner, and there´ll be a roaring fire and toast and sardines snd cake.

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: But it is just only around the corner.

Book: Lucy: Well, it´s very kind of you. But I shan´t be able to stay long.

Movie: Lucy: I don´t know. Well… ok.

Book: Lucy: Oh, Mr. Tumnus, I must go home. I only meant to stay for a few minutes.

Movie: Lucy: Oh I should go.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: It´s no good now, you know.

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: It´s too late to go now.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: I´m crying because I´m a bad faun.

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: If I had tell you before. I´m such a terrible faun.

Book: Lucy: I don´t think you are a bad faun at all.

Movie: Lucy: Oh no, you´re the nicest faun I´ve ever met. You can´t have done anything bad.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: Like what I´ve done. Taken service under the White Witch. It is she that has got all Narnia under her thumb. It´s she that makes it always winter. I´m a kidnapper for her. Would yo believe that I´m the sort of faun to meet a poor innocent child in the wood, one that never done any harm, and pretend to be friendly with it, and invite it to my cave, all for the sake of lulling it asleep and then handing it over the White Witch?

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: There´s something I´ am doing. Kidnap a kid. It was the White Witch, she is the one who makes it always winter. She gave orders: If we ever found a human, we were supposed to gave it to her.

Book: Lucy: No, I´m sure you wouldn´t do anything of the sort.

Movie: Lucy: Mr. Tumnus, you wouldn´t. I thought you were my friend.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: We must go as quietly as we can. The whole wood is full of her spies.

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: If she knows this, you´re dead.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: Do you know your way home from here Daughter of Eve?

Movie: Mr. Tumnus: Hope you find your way home from here.

Book: Lucy: Yes, I can see the wardrobe door.

Movie: Lucy: I think so.

Book: Mr. Tumnus: Can you forgive me for what I meant to?

Movie: Mr Tumnus: I´m sorry, I´m so sorry. No matter what happens. I´m glad that I met you. Now go.

Correction of the essay «The planners»

Pato Chujman, our literature teacher, gave us a task that was to correct THIS essay and add connectors and any other necessary changes to the essay.


The Planners, a poem written by Boey Kim Cheng in Singapore. This poem portrays the total and utter soullessness of Singapore and it’s Capital also, Boey Kim Cheng demonstrates this heartless modernisation in his poem by using a constant perfect strait almost unnatural description of everything moreover the soullessness of Singapore is also portrayed in this poem by its perpetual effort to neglect and erase the past or any history of it, creating a facade of culture. This city is so soulless and synthetic that it’s not even considered part of nature. Boey Kim Cheng starts the poem with the mysterious “They”, implementing a higher power controlling everything. And in the end he says that not even art is acceptable.

Firstly the word “gridded” already by itself sounds cold since nothing natural is so uniform, strait or monotonous and even the alliterative language used “skies surrender”, with the sharp “Sss” sound at the beginning makes it sound pin point accurate, as if precisely planned. Nature is colorful and lively and random, it has a soul. Unlike the city that Boey Kim Cheng describes. “Gridded” Can also represent a box, or some confined space. Implying that creativity in confined, boxed in, since it doesn’t take much creativity to draw a box. Without creativity there is no soul, because a soul is what gives us each our unique ideas, which can’t be seen in this city. With all of them having the same idea of box after box they aren’t being unique, meaning they aren’t showing their soul, they are being soulless. The use of free verse clearly expresses the purpose of the poem that is to signify how the arrangement of something simply limits the beauty it possesses in its original form. Boey Kim Cheng lets his poem flow freely, showing his opposition to planning and how it compresses everything. The three irregular and unmatched stanzas also show the same opposition to identical and aligned buildings seen today. “They plan. They build…” There appear to be an obsession with perfection and uniformity, for “The buildings are in alignment with the roads which meet at desired points.” However there is no real passion or emotion for which they build, this is emphasized by the disconnected minor statement like sentences at the beginning, and the constant references to mathematics with words such as ‘gridded’, ‘permutations’, ‘points’. There is even praise and approval for mathematics mentioned here ‘the grace of mathematics’, in line six. (The lack of emotion is linked with mathematic due to the conception that numbers are cold and indifferent, in contrast with words). Also one of the finals messages is to rail against the senseless construction that goes on the cities.

Secondly, everything has some history even if just a year old but from the way that Boey Kim Cheng describes it “Erase the flaws, the blemishes of the past” Singapore does everything plausible if not more to get rid of any past so without a past or a heart to preserve it there can’t be a soul besides this, then comes the idea of a perpetual machine, what is made by the men today will be history to the next generation which as ever will get whipped out. “Dentistry”, ‘Anesthesia’, in such a stance, is to be numb to the rash developments. ‘Amnesia’ becomes a state of detachment to sentimentality and previous entities. And hypnosis is done to conform to new policies and developments.  Also the Planners possesses the resources, so that History is all set to turn over a new leaf. The remnants of the past are suitably piled up one over the other. In the research to build a new civilization, nothing is spared. History is drilled right to its roots. The process marks the triumph of scientific advancement over cultural growth. This turns the objective of being perfect into an unachievable goal as a result one is always trying to achieve something that can never be done, he has no soul since he is always just doing this one thing.

To conclude, planning is seen as a way of shutting out nature, attempting to remove the uncertainty it brings, trying to keep everything predictable and surpiseless. “The sea draws back and the skies surrender.” can be viewed with a touch of irony implying that nature is afraid of human expansion, turning us into unnatural land conquering robots. Soulless robots.




My version of the poem «Pied Beauty»

This is my version of the poem «Pied beauty»


Glory be to God for fattening things

For the ribs of kansas as a tasty dish;

For ice-cream all in stipple upon sprinkles;

Bacon pizza; White fudge oreos;

Waffles and ice ¬¬¬- cream, chocolate and brownies.

All things salty , sweet. Bittersweet , bitter ;

Whatever is creamy , juicy (who knows how?)

With lettuce, chips ; water , coke ;eggs , cucumber ;

He fathers-forth whose food is past change: Praise Him

Video: the consequences of the WW1

This is a video that our history teacher, Lenny asked us to see and comment.

In my opinion it’s a very good video becuase when we were seeing this topic I imagined a tottaly different thing that what is showed in the video. The devastation was terrible, hundreds of people died, lost their homes, families, etc.  The conditions in the trenches were horripilant and I thank to God that I wasn’t born in that period of time.

TP Doctrina

Este es un trabajo practico que tenemos que hacer para Doctrina.

Escribir el ave María y resaltar alguna frase que te guste. ¿Cuáles son las cualidades que resaltarías de la Virgen? ¿Porqué? ¿Alguna tiene semejanza con la vida que nos invita a vivir Francisco I? ¿Porqué? Elegí una oración de la virgen y explica porque la elegiste y como la podes aplicar a tu vida.

 Dios te salve María
llena eres de gracia
el Señor es contigo;
bendita tú eres 
entre todas las mujeres,
y bendito es el fruto 
de tu vientre, Jesús. 
Santa María, Madre de Dios,
ruega por nosotros, pecadores,
ahora y en la ahora
de nuestra muerte. Amén

Me gusta la frase «Santa María, Madre de Dios,
ruega por nosotros, pecadores».

Me gustaría resaltar la cualidad «Humildad» porque ella acepto todo lo que Dios le tenía planeado para su futuro y nunca se quejo.

Si, como dije en la tarea pasada Francisco I, quiere una iglesia pobre y para los pobres. Otra cosa a destacar es que eligió su nombre por San Francisco de Asís, un santo muy humilde.

«Bendita sea tu pureza»

Bendita sea tu pureza y eternamente lo sea, pues todo un Dios se recrea, en tan graciosa belleza. A Ti celestial princesa, Virgen Sagrada María, te ofrezco en este día, alma vida y corazón. Mírame con compasión, no me dejes, Madre mía. Amén.

La elegí porque no sabía que era una oración también, ya que la cantábamos en el coro del colegio y cuando estaba buscando oraciones y me encontré con esta, me sorprendí porque no sabía que también era una oración. La puedo aplicar a mi vida siempre ofreciendole todo lo bueno y lo malo, todo. «Virgen Sagrada María, te ofrezco en este día, alma vida y corazón»