Revising tenses!

We have been revising tenses with our language teacher, Pilar Pando, and we’ve looked for this videos. Have a look!

Simple Future.

Used to talk about plans for the future.

Ex: Next week I am going to a trip with my friends.

Simple present.

Used to talk about doing something but not right now.

Ex: I work at a school.

Simple past.

Used to talk about something that happened in a past time.

Ex: Yesterday I ate at Kansas.

Future continous.

Used to talk about something that will be happening at a future time.

Ex: Tomorrow I am going to be at school.

Present continous.

Talks about what is happening now.

Ex: Mary is running at the park.

Past continous.

Used to talk about something that had been happening at the past.

Ex: Yesterday I did my homework.

Present perfect.

Used to talk about something that is done in this moment.

Ex: I have been studying at Las Cumbres since I was 5 years old.

Past perfect.

Used to talked about things that happened in the past before another thing in the past.

Ex: When the Mary arrived, the shopping had already closed.


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