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In our history class we’ve been seeing the 1920s. Our teacher, Lenny Ambrosini, told us to write an essay on it. Here is mine:

How far the 1920’s was a won decade?

In this essay I am going to say why I think the 1920s were a partly won decade.

On the one hand, the League of Nations had a lot of positive and negative aspects. The league succeeded in these ones: It resolved the conflict in Upper Silesia; Upper Silesia was an industrial region between Germany and Poland. This region was disputed between the two countries. The league intervened and made Upper Silesia to vote for which country they wanted to be ruled. Half of the region voted for Poland and the other half for Germany. Upper Silesia was divided and one half went for Germany and another half for Poland. Both countries accepted the decision. Other conflict that was resolved was the Aaland Islands one. The islands were between Sweden and Finland; both countries were threatening to fight for them. The league intervened and decided that the islands should go to Finland. Also another conflict was resolved; Corfu. There was a border between Greece and Albania that had to be sorted out after the war. The conference of Ambassadors appointed to an Italian general named Tellini to supervise it.  While they were surveying the border, Tellini and other soldiers were killed. An Italian leader called Mussolini was angry with the Greeks and blamed them for the murder of Tellini.  He was so angry that invaded the Greek island Corfu and Greece asked for help to the league. The Council of the League met. It condemned Mussolini, and told him to leave Corfu and also it told the Greeks to pay compensation to Italy. Mussolini accepted the decision.

But, the League didn’t have only successes; it also failed resolving these conflicts: Two new states were created after the post-war treaties, Poland and Lithuania. Vilna was the capital of Lithuania but her population was partly Polish. In 1920 a private polish army simply took control of it. Lithuania asked for help to league. The league saw the case and Poland was the clear aggressor, so it protested to Poland but Poland did not withdraw.  According to a pact, the league could have sent British and French troops to force the Poles to leave Vilna, but it didn’t. The French weren’t prepared to disturb Poland because they saw her as a possible ally with Germany in the future. Britain wasn’t prepared to attack so finally the league did nothing and the Poles kept Vilna. Other conflict that wasn’t resolved was the Bulgaria one. Some Greek soldiers were killed in an incident on the border between Greece and Bulgaria. The Greeks were angry and invaded Bulgaria. Bulgaria asked for help to the league. The league intervened and condemned the Greeks, and told them to leave Bulgaria. The Greeks obeyed and left Bulgaria.

On the other hand the growing USA had positive and negative aspects. Here, some of the positive ones; USA wanted to isolate herself from all the conflicts that were happening in Europe. To put the isolation into practice the republican policies were put in action. Laissez-Faire, basically was that the government didn’t want to interfere into the private businesses. This benefitted the businessman. ‘Low taxation’ was another policy that consisted of lowering the taxations so people had more money to spend in everything and stuff. During the BOOM many new industries and factories were held up .Radios, washing machines, refrigerators, etc… They used very much the “Buy now, pay later” because after all the casualties of WW1 they thought they could die in any moment so they decided to enjoy life. They enjoyed the low tax too if someone didn´t have the money she could borrow some easily. The biggest industry was the car one. Other positive thing about the USA in the 91920s was how women role changed abruptly. Women could now vote, wear less-restrictive clothes, kiss in public, drink in public, smoke in public and go out without a chaperone. Also entertainment in USA changed a lot as well. Places such as cinemas and theatres were created.

But, the USA in the 1920s weren’t doing so well. In the 20s, the government prohibited alcohol because they thought that “it separated families”. This brought many bad consequences. There were a group of people called “Gangsters” that were encharged of smuggling illegal alcohol. These men were very violent and corrupt. They bribed any judge or police who passed by their way trying to stop them. Also, people in the USA became very intolerant towards immigrants and black people. There was a group of anonym people that were called as “KKK” that used to hid themselves and kill black people. The farming industry wasn’t doing well also. Life for the farmers in the 1920s was a constant struggle, during the WW1, Europe couldn’t produce food so USA produced for them. After the war the farms had overproduction due to the fact that Europe didn’t buy any more food to USA.

In conclusion, the 1920s were very successful years but, it wasn’t completely “A won decade” as the statement says.

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  1. Lenny

    Hi Cata,

    You wrote a very good essay.

    You would have a higher mark if you had handed in on time.

    7.5 (Seven fifty)



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