Archivo por días: 15/05/2014

Dumb martian test

We had an «online test» for Pilar Pando’s class. Here’s the task.

  1.  Discuss the full significance of the title of the story

In the story, martians are discriminated and prejudged as if they were inferior than humans, not as “better” as we are, but they are wrong because they don’t know if they are clever or not. Duncan abuses Lellie in the story thinking she is “dumb”, but we have a really surprising ending when Lellie locks Duncan in the shapeship, letting him die. Here we realize that Lellie was very astute.

2. How are the Martians described at the top of p70? What do we learn of them and their history/ civilization?

2. In “Dumb Martian”, the martians are discriminated by the shape of their heads, bigger than ours, and this aspect makes them look as if they were dumb and inferior than humans. But despite this problem, the martians were very intelligent.