The Coconut Tree

In Writing and Oral we have been learning about legends and, in groups, we chose one legend and presented it.

We enjoyed a lot doing this work because the legend we chose is very interesting (for us :P). Also, the video we included helped the audience understand the story. We liked the part when wrote our response, the poem and the drawing.

I worked with Mara Ripoll and Catalina Grosso.



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  1. Luz+GF

    When I first heard what you girls were going to present i was very anxious to find out what this legend was. I expected a lot from this legend and the three of you filled my expectations. What I would have liked is if instead of reading the legend, you could have told it with you own words. Nevertheless good job!

  2. Nicolas Monguzzi

    liked it a lot it was great. It had everything it needed. I especially liked the decoration that was great .

  3. Lucila Giambruni

    In my opinion it was a very good idea first to contextualize the legend, like showing in the map where the Philippines are. And also explain what cocos are. It was very clear the way they explained it and presented it. I found very creative and ingenious the poem as your response!

  4. florenciaaraya

    I really liked that you provided background for the story, the alleged reason why there are coconut trees in the Phillipines and I also loved the poem that you created as your response!

  5. daniela

    I’m truly glad you enjoyed the experience!

    Your prezi was very well organised and clear.
    Your responses were really creative and showed great understanding of the research done.
    Your retelling of the legend was clear and entertaining.


  6. Lucia

    I enjoyed their presentation, it was done in a very artistic and creative way! Very interesting responses qnd points of view.

  7. Bautista Olaizola

    In this presentation I liked very much the story, the way the girl explained everything they talked about and that it was very fluid. I also liked the drawing they did.

  8. delfinamiyuranga

    I found your presentation very interesting, I liked a lot the intro of the setting in place you made and also the format of your presentation. I didn’t liked that much the video but i did loved your response. Also i think that it was very well studied before since you could explain perfectly the topic.

  9. rociohartmann

    I liked the fact about the Coconut tree!! That it’s 100% usable. I also loved the legend and your response very much! Congrats 🙂

  10. Luna

    I liked the cocos as background for the text.
    I found helpful that the girls explained after reading.
    I liked their response, the poem, very much!!!
    Luna 🙂


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