Characteristics of living organisms

Male Ravagnan, our Biology teacher, gave us a TASK. We started to learn about the living organisms and the 7 characteristics they must have. Here is my work 🙂

A) Post a picture with at least two of the characteristics of living organism.sun_and_sunflower2sunflower1

In this images we can see two very important characteristics: sensitivity and movement.

B) Name and define them

Sensitivity is the ability to detect and respond to changes in the environment and movement is an action by an organism causing a change of position or place. Sunflowers have sentivity because they detect and respond to changes in the enviroment such as the sun. When the sun moves, they move, looking at the sun so they can receive nutrients from it. Also, movement is in this process, because if they didn’t move they couldn’t get enough sun and nutrients.

C) List the other characteristics which are not shown in the picture.

  1. Respiration: as the chemical reactions in cells that break down nutrient molecules and release energy.
  2. Growth: as a permanent increase in size.
  3. Reproduction: as the processes that make more of the same kind of organism.
  4. Excretion: as removal from organisms of toxic materials and substances in excess of requirements.
  5. Nutrition: as taking in of materials for energy, growth and development.

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