Classification of living organisms

Our teacher Magdalena Ravagnan gave us a task. We had to work on the different living organisms. I worked Agostina Alday and Delfina Nicora. Here is our work!

1) Construct a table to compare the characteristic features of animals, plants, fungi, protoctists and prokaryotes: number of cells, differences in the cell structure, nutrition. You can upload the activity as a PDF file on your blog.



2) Create an infographic showing the external features only of the following animals. Make it visual,  so choose any animal which represents the class. For e.g. from the class reptiles, snake.



Here are the other infographics my partners made that will help me to study!

Group 1: Mammals: Anania T. and J. Lutowicz
Group 2: Birds: Monguzzi N., Perez Muñiz L. and Catani J.
Group 3: Reptiles: V. Ávila G. and Mosquera F.
Group 4: Amphibians: Olaizola B. ans Venini J.
Group 5: Fishes: Segura A., Araya F. and Roggero L.


Group 6: Insects: Miy Uranga D., G. Fernandez L. and Hartmann R.
Group 7: Crustaceans: Borda T. and Ripoll M.
Group 8: Arachnids: Rela C., Alday A. and Nicora D.
Group 9: Myriapods: Santayana D., Grosso C. amd Giambruni L.

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  1. Magdalena Ravagnan

    Excellent work!
    Remember….arachnids have 4 pairs of jointed legs and their bodies are divided into 2 segments: CEPHALOTHORAX and ABDOMEN.


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