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Métodos de solución para ecuaciones 2×2

En matemática estamos viendo como resolver ecuaciones con rectas 2×2. Eduardo, nuestro profesor, nos dio una consigna. Había que buscar información (vídeo, explicación, presentación, etc) sobre el tema. El que tenía el mejor trabajo se sacaba un diez.

Yo encontré que hay 5 diferentes métodos para resolver estas ecuaciones:

  1. Sustitución
  2. Igualación
  3. Reducción
  4. Método gráfico
  5. Método de Gauss

También encontré esta presentación que explica los métodos mencionados arriba.

On the Verge of War

In history, we have been analyzing the background of the WWII. Lenny, our history teacher, asked us to see a «Meograph» made by past students, which explained the causes of WWII.

HERE is the meograph. What I liked about this video was the way they made connections. They connected what was happening in the 1930s to what was happening in the 1920s. Also,  it was very helpful to me to see where the events ocurred in the map. The images were good.

Then, we had to make a «Fakebook», that is a tool to create fake facebook profiles. I worked with Luz Garcia Fernandez and we had the history character Pierre Laval. HERE is our work.

Finally, we had to see an animation that showed Hitler’s European conquest. HERE is the video. What I liked about the animation was that is very different to read from a textbook than seeing a video. It had great music and sound effects as well.


The Woodspurge and A Birthday

In literature we had to compare the poems written by the brothers; Gabriel Rosetti “The Woodspurge” and Christina Rosetti “A birthday”.

  • Atmosphere: The atmosphere of a birthday is a very joyful and cheerful one. The atmosphere of the woodspurge is depressing and obscure.
  • Tones: A birthday: happy, glad, idyllic and distressed. The woodspurge: full of grief, depressing, sad and hopeless.
  • Theme: A birthday: love. The woodspurge: expressing sadness.

Specialisation of cells

Our biology teacher, Male Ravagnan gave us an activity. We had to look for images of different specialised cells. I worked with Agostina Alday and here is our work!

CILIATED CELL: It has cillium (tiny hairs) to protect our respiratory system.

ROOT HAIR CELLS: It increases the surface area for absorption.

XYLEM VESSELS: It has a thick cell wall to support the plant.

PALISADE MESOPHYLL CELL: It’s full of chloroplasts because it has a major role in photosynthesis.

NERVE CELLS: The Axon of the nerve cell is used to transmit the information in the form of electrical impulses.

RED BLOOD CELLS:   The cells have no nucleus, leaving more space for haemoglobin, and they are very flexible (they can be forced through even the narrowest of blood vessels).

SPERM CELLS:   It has a long tale called Flagellum which allows the cell to move to swim to the female reproduction system. It’s neck is full of mitochondria to give energy so that the flagellum can move.

EGG CELLS:  It has a light jelly layer outside the membrane to protect the cell.


“La Forma de la Espada” Actividad

En la clase de lengua estuvimos trabajando con la historia La Forma de la Espada de Borges. Carol nos dejó unas actividades para que hagamos. ACTIVIDADES

1) IMG-20150330-WA0000 (1)

2) Para mí la historia que oculta es que El Ingles, cuando vivía en Escocia se le quemó la casa y en un fallido intento de salvar a su familia se le cayó una viga en la cara y lo corto. Luuego de eso se tomó un avión con rumbo a Uuruguay, donde encontraría paz. En el avión conoció a Moon y le contó su historia. Moon queedó impactado y le dijo que le alquilaría su casa.