Archivo por días: 08/04/2015

Specialisation of cells

Our biology teacher, Male Ravagnan gave us an activity. We had to look for images of different specialised cells. I worked with Agostina Alday and here is our work!

CILIATED CELL: It has cillium (tiny hairs) to protect our respiratory system.

ROOT HAIR CELLS: It increases the surface area for absorption.

XYLEM VESSELS: It has a thick cell wall to support the plant.

PALISADE MESOPHYLL CELL: It’s full of chloroplasts because it has a major role in photosynthesis.

NERVE CELLS: The Axon of the nerve cell is used to transmit the information in the form of electrical impulses.

RED BLOOD CELLS:   The cells have no nucleus, leaving more space for haemoglobin, and they are very flexible (they can be forced through even the narrowest of blood vessels).

SPERM CELLS:   It has a long tale called Flagellum which allows the cell to move to swim to the female reproduction system. It’s neck is full of mitochondria to give energy so that the flagellum can move.

EGG CELLS:  It has a light jelly layer outside the membrane to protect the cell.