Archivo por días: 25/04/2015

On the Verge of War

In history, we have been analyzing the background of the WWII. Lenny, our history teacher, asked us to see a «Meograph» made by past students, which explained the causes of WWII.

HERE is the meograph. What I liked about this video was the way they made connections. They connected what was happening in the 1930s to what was happening in the 1920s. Also,  it was very helpful to me to see where the events ocurred in the map. The images were good.

Then, we had to make a «Fakebook», that is a tool to create fake facebook profiles. I worked with Luz Garcia Fernandez and we had the history character Pierre Laval. HERE is our work.

Finally, we had to see an animation that showed Hitler’s European conquest. HERE is the video. What I liked about the animation was that is very different to read from a textbook than seeing a video. It had great music and sound effects as well.