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Online test

For my language class I had to do an online test. Here is my work!

Task 1.

Choose a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah and prepare an analysis. Write a paragraph explaining why you have chosen it. Focus on the message of the poem and analyse at least two literacy devices present in the poem. Then, find a picture to illustrate the ideas present in the poem and post it on your blog as well. If you are good at drawing you can also make a drawing of the poem yourself. Take a picture of it and upload it too.

Who’s Who by Benjamin Zephaniah

“I used to think nurses

Were women,

I used to think police

Were men,

I used to think poets

Were boring,

Until I became one of them.”

This poem is very short, it only has one stanza and seven lines. It doesn’t have a rhyme scheme. Here you can identify enjambment, you have to read the whole to stanza to understand the main idea (stereotyping is wrong). Also, this poem is very ironic because the voice starts mentioning all the stereotypes he had until he reaches to the part when he says “I used to think poets were boring, until I became one of them”. Here the message he wants to transmit is that not always stereotypes are right, he has experienced this. He used to think poets were boring until he became one oe them so here he’s saying that he’s not boring as he had thought. I chose this poem because it deals with stereotypes and stereotyping which is very common this days. We all have stereotyped once and it’s important to remind ourselves that this is an erroneous thinking.

I found these two pictures very interesting because they deal with stereotypes all over the world.



Task 2.

Write your own poem on one of the typical topics present in Zephaniah. Include at least one form of Inversion and highlight it. (two stanzas and a name)


Muslims are terrorist they say,

Americans are ignorant,

Asians are yellow,

Aussies ride kangaroos,

but all I have to say is

incorrect they are,

and must be crashed by a car


And when I look

to the world I say,

Oh what a stereotypical place!

Catalina Rela