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This is the description I had to make for my language class with Pilar Pando, hope you like it!

Task: Write a description of a place you’ve been to on holidays. Focus on the natural environment and/or one person you’ve met. Include the vocabulary learnt in class.


After long-lasting familiar discussions, we finally had chosen the destination of our journey. We were going on a trip to Canada! I have always thought Canada was very similar to the United States but I was completely wrong. Canada has nothing to do with the States.

I had never been to a country with such extreme temperatures like Canada. I hoped the breeze of the soft but crisp winter would delight me. I was very anxious and intrigued about this trip. Firstly, we were going to visit Quebec.

Situated in one of the most chilliest countries in the world, Quebec, is a unique city. What makes this city so special is the delightful blend of cultures it possesses. The strange but intriguing mix of the canadian, english and french traditions create a  particularly marvelous atmosphere.

Every day I walked through the gloomy,  mysterious and frosty allies was a totally new surprise. The french cozy pastries, the elegant chateaus and the blankets of snow that laid over almost everything in the city, were simply breathtaking.

The day we went skiing was an intense one. As I drifted through the snow-covered rocky mountains I could catch a glimpse of a black bear beneath a frozen pinecone. Although this activity was quite exhausting, when I reached the wooden cozy cottage and tasted the hot-creamy-chocolate, it was totally worth it. The warmth of the chimmney penetrated my skin and I felt like I was at home

I would totally recommend this place to people that are in love with winter, traditions and warm drinks. Also Quebec is a place for adventurous souls that are seeking for extreme experiences.


Digestive system: Diarrhoea and Cholera

In biology, we are seeing a new topic, Diarrhoea and Cholera. As an introduction, we had to see this VIDEO and answer some questions. Here is my work!


1) Name signs/symptoms caused by cholera.

Diarrhoea, vomiting, weakness, dehydration

2) State ways in which the bacterium spreads in the village.

Through the water in the river, women carried water from the river to their houses where it was used to drink and cook, flies spread it on their feet,

3) What is diarrhoea?

Is the loss of watery faeces and minerals. It happens when not enough water is absorbed from the faeces. Diarrhoea is the second largest cause of death of young children in the world.

4) How does the cholera bacterium cause diarrhoea?

  1. Cholera bacteria are ingested and multiply
  2. The bacteria attach  to the wall of the alimentary canal
  3. The bacteria releases a toxin
  4. The toxin causes Chloride ions to be released
  5. The release of ions causes water to move into the lumen by osmosis
  6. There is now a lot of water in the canal (watery diarrhoea). The blood contains too little chloride ions and water.

5) How did the boy treated his father?

First, he made the water safe by filetering it and then boiling it. Then, he mixed half a tea-spoon of salt and sixty spoons of sugar in one liter of clean water (he gave his father the salts he had lost)

6) Name the different actions which the boy taught to the people in the village to prevent the disease.

Putting chlorine drops on water and waiting half an hour, always wash their hands with water soap and safe water before eating and after going to the bathroom, to wash their hands before cooking, protect the food from flies.

7) Name the bacterium that causes cholera

Vibrio cholerae