“Evening in Paradise” – Poem Analysis

In our Literature class we’ve been analzying the poem “Evening in Paradise” from Paradise Lost by John Milton. With our Professor, Patricia Chujman, we created THIS slideshare in which we hace to answer some questiones. Here are mine!



«The first 12 lines show an analogy between Evening and Paradise» Account for this.

«Now glowed the firmament with living Saphirs; […] Rising in clouded majesty» This extract shows how the author describes the evening with majestic words such as «saphirs» and «majesty», words proper of a paradise.



Semantic field: «Day/Night – Nature – Jewels». Quote to prove this.

  • Twilight
  • Silence
  • night
  • repose
  • rest
  • heaven
  • God
  • light
  • noon
  • lie
  • sapphires
  • birds
  • nests
  • beast
  • grassy


Find at least three literary devices and explain the imapct on the reader. Why are they used?

  1. Enjambent is used to catch the reader’s attention, to keep him trapped and following the poem until the end.
  2. There is a very powerful analogy  in the poem. There is an analogy between sleep and death. The poet is using the “night”, the “rest”, “noon” to explain a greater thing, heaven, death and afterlife. This is made because sometimes, to explain such a great and complex topic as death, it’s better to use analogies with normal, daily thing such as sleeping.
  3. Personification is also used in the poem. «Silence was now pleased.». In this line we can see that there is a personification. SIlence is givene human characteristics, silence cannot be pleased. 


Is the scene just protrayed as a peaceful natural scene? Could this also be a funeral scene? Account for your answers.

In my opinion, it can be seen from both point of views, since an analogy is made. The peacful natural scene could be sleeping, that could also be accositaed with death. But, now, it depends on what do you think when you think about a funeral scene. Aren’t funerals natural scenes? I think that they completely are because we are all surely going to die so it’s natural. Aren’t funerals peaceful? In my opinion they also are, maybe the person that died was suffering from a horrible disease and now she is in rest, finally tranquil.

It all depends on you.




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