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Crime Report

Pilar pando, our Language teacher gave us an assignment to write a crime report. This is the task.


On April 4th, the fifteenth year old girl, Josefina Lopez was violently raped after going to a very popular club in Recoleta.

It was 6am and she was going to her house after having a great time at the popular disco “Pagana” with her friends.

When she was at the entrance of her house she felt a very strong pain in her arm.

“I couldn’t understand what was happening. I felt like a vaccine in my arm, and suddenly feel to the floor” Josefina declared.

She woke up at the outskirts of Buenos Aires, precisely in “Villa Fiorito”. She was alone, with a very strong headache and had a lot of bruises.

“She doesn’t remember anything. The policeman are working very hard trying to find clues” said the mother of teenager.

The case is still being investigated and the rapists weren’t found. Josefina is receiving physical and mental help provided by the government. 


Crime – Passive Voice

Since we have been studying Passive Voice, our teacher Pilar asked us to look for a news of a crime and to find passive forms and vocabulary connected to crimes.

Here’s mine. I took it from “Buenos Aires Herald”

Police chief shot dead in Rosario

A police chief from the Rosario Police Force was shot dead yesterday in the centre of the Santa province city as he attempted to defend his son’s business from thieves.

Superintendent Guillermo Morgans, head of the Special Units Group (AUE) of Rosario, was shot twice during the attack, according to court sources, who said police were searching for two suspects.

“His (Morgans’) son reported that two men entered the store, armed. They wanted to take money, tied him (the son) up and when the policemen tried to step back, a struggle began, ending in the death of Morgans,” Santa Fe province’s prosecutor-general Jorge Baclini told reporters.

The incident took place on 200 Rodríguez street at around 3.30pm inside a branch of the Pago Fácil bill payment firm. It was being managed at the time by Morgans’ son, whose colleagues told police yesterday that alleged thieves took around 500 pesos.

According to the prosecutor handling the case, Florentino Malaponte, “multiple shots” were fired at the policeman, one of which he received in the face.

They said Morgans had arrived to the store moments before the attack in a truck and had tried to defend himself with his weapon.

“He had shot at them in self- defence,” Malaponte said at the crime scene, where he was accompanied by Santa Fe provincial Security Secretary Matías Drivet, Rosario Police Chief José Luis Amaya and Baclini.

In his role, Morgans was in charge of the investigative areas of car theft, special laws, investigations and personal safety.

Herald with Télam

Dumb martian test

We had an “online test” for Pilar Pando’s class. Here’s the task.

  1.  Discuss the full significance of the title of the story

In the story, martians are discriminated and prejudged as if they were inferior than humans, not as “better” as we are, but they are wrong because they don’t know if they are clever or not. Duncan abuses Lellie in the story thinking she is “dumb”, but we have a really surprising ending when Lellie locks Duncan in the shapeship, letting him die. Here we realize that Lellie was very astute.

2. How are the Martians described at the top of p70? What do we learn of them and their history/ civilization?

2. In “Dumb Martian”, the martians are discriminated by the shape of their heads, bigger than ours, and this aspect makes them look as if they were dumb and inferior than humans. But despite this problem, the martians were very intelligent.

Diary Entry

This is a diary entry I made for my class with Daniela Barra, I hope you enjoy reading it.

March 12,

I finally started senior 2. It’s almost ll new for me; new teachers, new classroom, new books, new subjects, everything is new for me. I’m scared, but maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am. I think it’s normal to fear the unknown. The first day I was terrified but now that the days have passed I am more used to it. I am particularly afraid of new teachers. My goals for this year are to be as good as I was last year. Last year I passed all the subjects and while my friends that owed subjects were studying I was relaxing on the beach. This year, as I’m older, I have to assume new responsibilities and obligations that I think I am prepared to face.

Letter The Escape

This is a letter we had to make in pairs (I made mine with Sol Di Liscia) based on a short story we read in class, The Escape.

Dear mom,

How are yuh feeling? Are your medical problems improving? I’m not going through a very good moment here. As you know, Alton’s a bully. He abuses me physically and phsycologically. I’m planning to escape for a visit to my dear country, Jamaica. I know it’s a bit risky caw Alton could discover me and dah wouldn’t be suh nice. My best friend, Miz Ruby is helping me. She’s guh to take care of the kids while I’m away. I hope nothing bad happends to them while im in Jamaica. I’m very happy caw its has been a lot of years since the last time I went to Jamaica. Miz Ruby helped me taking the plane tickets and I’m really really excited. The kids support me in this decision and even helped me lying to Alton. Well, I need to leave now, kisses,


A person I admire

This is our online test, for Pilar Pando’s class.


Justin Bieber

Born on March 1, 1994, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Justin Bieber was raised by a single mom in the small town of Stratford. Bieber, whose debut album, My World, hit stores in November 2009, is a true overnight success, having gone from an unknown, untrained singer whose mother posted YouTube clips of her boy performing, to a budding superstar with a big-time record deal, all in just two years.

Bieber always had an interest in music. His mother gave him a drum kit for his second birthday and, as he tells it, he was “basically banging on everything I could get my hands on.”

But it was an obscure talent contest in his hometown, in which the 12-year-old Bieber finished second that put him on the road to superstardom. As a way to share his singing with family, Justin and his mom began posting clips of Bieber performing covers of Stevie WonderMichael Jackson and Ne-Yo on YouTube.

Within months, Justin was an Internet sensation, with a large following of fans, and an eager manager arranging for the teenager to fly to Atlanta to consider a record deal. There, Bieber had a chance meeting with Usher, who eventually signed the young singer to a contract.

I chose Justin Bieber because I think he’s a great singer and also a great person, every month he donates money to charity. Also I have been listening to his songs since 2009 so I like him very much. There are a lot people who don’t like Justin Bieber and definitely I’m not one of that persons.


A: Hi Justin

B: Hi Cata

A: How do you deal with being one of the most popular singers in the world of teenagers?

B: Well, it’s heavy. I have a lot of responsibilities because everything I do is being watched by the entire world. It’s hard.

A: Did your fans like your latest album, Journals?

B: They loved it! My team and I have been working very hard on it.

A: How does it feel to have the most-viewed video on youtube?

B: Awesome, I never thought I would be so famous.

A: How many times have you been to Argentina?

B: Two, and I loved Argentina! It’s a beautiful country.

A: And what about your latest performance in Argentina?

B: Awful! I wasn’t feeling well so I had to retire. All my sorrys to the fans.

A: When you came to Argentina, you only came to Buenos Aires?

B: No, I also went to Cordoba; it’s a nice province,

A: What are the things that you most enjoy as beign a famous person?

B: All the love I recieve. It’s impressive, all the messages, photos and videos I get every day.

A: What about the use of twitter?

B: It’s great. I enjoy very much all the tweets I get from my fans.

A: Are you dating someone?

B: Right now no, but I have been dating Selena Gomez.

A: How do you deal with all the “haters”?

B:I don’t care about them, if they don’t like my music that’s OK, everybody likes different types of music.

A: How many brothers do you have?

B: Only one, Jaxon and a little sister, Jazmyn.

A: Do you miss your Canadian relatives?

B: Of course! I remember them every day.

A: What’s your favorite sport?

B: Ice-hockey.

A: And do you play ice-hockey?

B: Not anymore, when I used to go to school I did.

A: Well, goodbye Justin!

B: Goodbye!


How much do you know about Justin Bieber?


Revising tenses!

We have been revising tenses with our language teacher, Pilar Pando, and we’ve looked for this videos. Have a look!

Simple Future.

Used to talk about plans for the future.

Ex: Next week I am going to a trip with my friends.

Simple present.

Used to talk about doing something but not right now.

Ex: I work at a school.

Simple past.

Used to talk about something that happened in a past time.

Ex: Yesterday I ate at Kansas.

Future continous.

Used to talk about something that will be happening at a future time.

Ex: Tomorrow I am going to be at school.

Present continous.

Talks about what is happening now.

Ex: Mary is running at the park.

Past continous.

Used to talk about something that had been happening at the past.

Ex: Yesterday I did my homework.

Present perfect.

Used to talk about something that is done in this moment.

Ex: I have been studying at Las Cumbres since I was 5 years old.

Past perfect.

Used to talked about things that happened in the past before another thing in the past.

Ex: When the Mary arrived, the shopping had already closed.