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This is the description I had to make for my language class with Pilar Pando, hope you like it!

Task: Write a description of a place you’ve been to on holidays. Focus on the natural environment and/or one person you’ve met. Include the vocabulary learnt in class.


After long-lasting familiar discussions, we finally had chosen the destination of our journey. We were going on a trip to Canada! I have always thought Canada was very similar to the United States but I was completely wrong. Canada has nothing to do with the States.

I had never been to a country with such extreme temperatures like Canada. I hoped the breeze of the soft but crisp winter would delight me. I was very anxious and intrigued about this trip. Firstly, we were going to visit Quebec.

Situated in one of the most chilliest countries in the world, Quebec, is a unique city. What makes this city so special is the delightful blend of cultures it possesses. The strange but intriguing mix of the canadian, english and french traditions create a  particularly marvelous atmosphere.

Every day I walked through the gloomy,  mysterious and frosty allies was a totally new surprise. The french cozy pastries, the elegant chateaus and the blankets of snow that laid over almost everything in the city, were simply breathtaking.

The day we went skiing was an intense one. As I drifted through the snow-covered rocky mountains I could catch a glimpse of a black bear beneath a frozen pinecone. Although this activity was quite exhausting, when I reached the wooden cozy cottage and tasted the hot-creamy-chocolate, it was totally worth it. The warmth of the chimmney penetrated my skin and I felt like I was at home

I would totally recommend this place to people that are in love with winter, traditions and warm drinks. Also Quebec is a place for adventurous souls that are seeking for extreme experiences.


Online test

For my language class I had to do an online test. Here is my work!

Task 1.

Choose a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah and prepare an analysis. Write a paragraph explaining why you have chosen it. Focus on the message of the poem and analyse at least two literacy devices present in the poem. Then, find a picture to illustrate the ideas present in the poem and post it on your blog as well. If you are good at drawing you can also make a drawing of the poem yourself. Take a picture of it and upload it too.

Who’s Who by Benjamin Zephaniah

«I used to think nurses

Were women,

I used to think police

Were men,

I used to think poets

Were boring,

Until I became one of them.»

This poem is very short, it only has one stanza and seven lines. It doesn’t have a rhyme scheme. Here you can identify enjambment, you have to read the whole to stanza to understand the main idea (stereotyping is wrong). Also, this poem is very ironic because the voice starts mentioning all the stereotypes he had until he reaches to the part when he says “I used to think poets were boring, until I became one of them”. Here the message he wants to transmit is that not always stereotypes are right, he has experienced this. He used to think poets were boring until he became one oe them so here he’s saying that he’s not boring as he had thought. I chose this poem because it deals with stereotypes and stereotyping which is very common this days. We all have stereotyped once and it’s important to remind ourselves that this is an erroneous thinking.

I found these two pictures very interesting because they deal with stereotypes all over the world.



Task 2.

Write your own poem on one of the typical topics present in Zephaniah. Include at least one form of Inversion and highlight it. (two stanzas and a name)


Muslims are terrorist they say,

Americans are ignorant,

Asians are yellow,

Aussies ride kangaroos,

but all I have to say is

incorrect they are,

and must be crashed by a car


And when I look

to the world I say,

Oh what a stereotypical place!

Catalina Rela


The Coconut Tree

In Writing and Oral we have been learning about legends and, in groups, we chose one legend and presented it.

We enjoyed a lot doing this work because the legend we chose is very interesting (for us :P). Also, the video we included helped the audience understand the story. We liked the part when wrote our response, the poem and the drawing.

I worked with Mara Ripoll and Catalina Grosso.



News Report

In writing and oral we had to prepare a news report based on a natural disaster or a catastrophe, here’s mine:


Two trains had suspiciously collapsed in a crash at ’21’ station yesterday morning. The driver is seriously injured and unfortunately 3 kids died.

The train number 17 crashed with the train number 18 causing an explosion besides the train station. Luckily, it wasn’t a rush hour so there weren’t many people at the station. A witness that saw the crush said ‘I could not believe what I have seen. The kids were crying and shouting and I could not do nothing to help. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.’

The causes of the crush are still being investigated but the police believes that a fail in the engine is one of the causes.

The president talked to the families of the victims and said ‘As this is one of the forth train crashes in the year, we are going to take extreme measures and will buy new trains to all of the cities’. According to the president, plans are being made so the train service in Argentina can improve.

Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat

We had to prepare an activity based on the story ‘Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s coat’ in which I has to pretend I was one of the characters of the story.


Dear friend,

How are you? I hope you are well, I am writing to explain you how I got a real and wonderful mink coat. You have to see it, it’s really, really beautiful. Mr Bixby, the dentist, gifted it to me.

He invited me to his house with the excuse that he had a gift to give me. When I arrived to his home, there was a very romantic and tasty dinner already prepared for us that was delicious. Then for the dessert we ate some fresh strawberries he cultivated and after, we went for walk. While we were walking he gave me the best gift I have ever recieved in my life, a mink coat!

I really love Mr Bixby, and he is very generous with me. I am planning to gift him a silk tie that I has bought in France. I hope he likes it!

With love,

Miss Puelteney

Writing transactional letters

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with an intensive Spanish course that was not as I expected.

Firstly, the advertisement said “Accommodation with a Spanish family”. The family was very unfriendly and hatefully. The family also was very aggressive and the members of it were all the time shouting.

Secondly the advice said that the tutors were highly experienced, but mine was not! He always made grammar mistakes and have not got an accent, due to that when he spoke it could not be understood.

Thirdly I paid for a trip to city museum. When I arrived to the city museum, I was alone. Nobody told me it had been cancelled and my money was not refunded.

I would appreciate it if you could inform me as soon as possible if my money would be refunded and if the course has been cancelled or not.

Yours faithfully,

Catalina Rela