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After reading the poem «Continuum» in Literature class, we had to watch a presentation and answer the questions to reflect and think about.


  1. Why did the poet entitled the poem, “Continuum”? What does he mean by this use of the term?

In my opinion, the poem is entitled as “Continuum” because it’s a continuity. The poem is about a writer who cannot find inspiration to write a poem, so it’s like ironic “I am talking about myself”.  Here I found more analysis related to the relationship between the poem and the title:

  1. What is the role of irony in the poem?

We can identify irony because it’s a poem about a writer writing a poem about not knowing what to write about. And when he gets inspirited, he writes about his feelings, and we can clearly identify the blurriness in his mind.

  1. Are there examples of personification?

Yes, I could identify personification in the moon. The moon is personified in stanza 1, lines 1-2 “The moon rolls over the roof and falls behind my house”. This moon represents loneliness.

  1. Is the tone the same throughout the poem?

In my opinion it is. The tones of this poem are: gloomy, dazzled, confused, tormented, lonely, frustrated, dark, reflective, blurred and blind.

  1. What is the extended metaphor and what is its significance?

That while he is looking for inspiration to write a poem, he’s writing a poem.

  1. What is the effect of enjambment in the poem?

Enjambment is present in this entire poem. We have to read the entire poem to understand its meaning.

  1. Explore the meaning in the final sentence/stanza.

The writer finally found his inspiration, so he picks up his “tools” (pen, paper) and goes to sleep.